I’ve dropped a few blog links to the left there. I thought as I add others I’d write a bit about them and what they’re good for. So starting with the NZ ones:

Farmlet: a couple (one Kiwi, one Californian, and their baby) on a small farm in the Far North doing the back to the land, self sufficiency thing. Lots of practical posts about all aspects of their lives – farming, food, household management, the development of the farm and their lives there. They’ve been blogging for 3 years so heaps of posts in the backlog to delve into.

Johanna Knox: writer, mother, ethicurean, Wellingtonian, Johanna blogs about wild foods, solar cooking, publishing in the power down age, and general post-peak oil/climate change stuff. You can hear her on National Radio’s This Way Up some Saturdays (or see the RNZ website for the podcasts) showing Simon around the edible weeds in Welly. Johanna has several blogs on various things, including some good photos of weeds. She’s much better on wild plant recipes than I will ever be, so check out her blog of tasty treats and adaptations of conventional recipes.

Pohangina Pete: natural history blogger, fantastic photographs and explorations of NZ (wild)life. He gets quite a few comments from overseas, and has footnotes to his articles. Footnotes and links! Pohangina is in the North Island somewhere, not sure where exactly ‘cos you know that’s another country up there ;-)

Hmm, and they’re all North Island ones…