WordPress has just let me know that its spam blocker has removed 5 comments before I got to see them, permanently afaik. I’ve changed the settings so it can’t do that anymore, but if anyone has commented and their post hasn’t appeared please let me know, or post again (I think the problem is only on my blogposts over a month old, but would apply to posts made at anytime including recently).

I’ve been wanting to fix the categories section for ages. When I started the blog I read something about it being good to not have too many categories, but I can see that if I have one for each plant it will get mighty long. So I’ve stopped adding plant names as a category, and am trying to sort out how I want to do organise the categories in general. I’ve been looking at how other bloggers do this, but if any one has any suggestions, they’d be most welcome. Do you use the category links on this or any blog? Is it because you’re just looking around or is it for something more specific?

There’s a bit of other tinkering I need to do too, so there might be some odd changes (noticeable especially if you’re using the RSS feed I think).