I’ve been meaning to do some posts on good online herbal medicine resources. In the meantime, here’s a wonderful opportunity. New Mexico folk herbalist Kiva Rose is doing a free online seminar on grassroots, kitchen and local herbalism. It’s hosted by John Gallagher, another US herbalist, who runs Learningherbs.com.

Both Kiva and John are advocates of the self-empowerment model in herbalism – that we can take care of our health using easily accessible, affordable and safe remedies. If you’re not familiar with their work, it’s worth checking out their websites – where both also offer a wealth of information for free.

Here’s the description of the seminar from Kiva’s website:

We’ll be talking about hands-on, down-home herbalism for everyone, including tips for beginners and for working with the wild and weedy plants all around you, including those in your own backyard! Additionally, we’ll be discussing working with common kitchen remedies, and even a bit about the energetics of foods and how you can create healing for your family through your meals every single day. I’ll also be sharing some details about the upcoming (and oh so exciting) Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference. Overall, we’ll be digging into the marrow of traditional herbalism, herbwifery, community-based healing and the many accessible ways we can each work with plants for greater health.

This is herbalism you can learn yourself and do at home for you and your whanau and friends. If you’re looking at increasing self-help herbalism skills I recommend checking this out.

According to my calculations, the seminar is next week, Thurs 10th June at 12.30pm NZT. It’s via live stream audio, so you’ll need broadband or a reliable and strong dial up connection. You just login at the right time, listen and take notes. There are limited places, and you need to register before then with an email address here.