Kia ora koutou, welcome to wild*crafty, a blog about medicine and food from the land, and the land they come from. It’s about herbs, weeds, wildcrafting, health, wild food, the land, ourselves, and the relationships between all those things. Plus a bit of permaculture, energy descent, culture, activism.

I live in the lower half of the South Island of New Zealand. I’ll be writing from here, specifically about the land and plants I live with, but much will be transferable to any landbase.

My blog name, lusach, is a bit of cultural appropriation from our cousins the Scots. In gaelic it means full of weeds or herbs. As far as I can tell it’s pronounced lus (as in puss) – ach (the ‘a’ is as in car, the ch as in loch, but a bit softer than we kiwis would say). Maybe I’ll get lucky and a gaelic speaker will tell me how it’s done.